A science-based weight loss solution, providing you with a comprehensive report detailing your genotype in seven areas and provides you with diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype. This provides a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micronutrients in your diet. Along with an analysis of personal factors, and the report, we develop a customized plan to promote optimal weight loss, metabolic heath, and overall wellness directly for you.

Saliva testing is used for measuring hormones like cortisol, estrogen and testosterone, and its non-invasive collection asks patients to spit into a plastic tube. This sampling method allows patients to collect saliva at home at specific times, which is important for accurately measuring hormone levels. Saliva testing measures the bioavailable amount. For this reason, saliva testing better relates to specific symptoms of excess or deficiency. Hidden hormone imbalance is the missing link to successful, long-term weight loss success